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Organizing for Creatives: How to Develop systems that work for YOU. Do you have self-help books piling up on your bookshelf? Do you find yourself thinking you want to get organized, but everything you read seems too structured or for someone who is not an artist or creative person? That’s because most systems leave out how to make sure the systems you test actually work for you. This course has the artist, musician, writer, and creative entrepreneur in mind.

Creating Powerful Affirmations: Why writing your own is MOST effective.
This course teaches you how to create powerful affirmations, how to identify old beliefs and reframe them to create affirmations that will lead you to lasting change.

RPM: Revolutions for a Powerful Mindset

Just like your favorite record revolves around a brand, a band, a song, or an album concept…your mind revolves around beliefs, programming, behaviors, and habits.