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I'm here to help you create a life you love


I’m a music-lover, artist, cellist, songwriter, and creative life coach. My greatest passion is to assist creative people on their journey of self-empowerment to live a positive, balanced, and productive life.

Time spent in music industry roles, art education, radio, and arts non-profit management are all part of what makes me an invested coach.

I received a degree in Art Education and a Master’s in Radio/TV/ Film with a concentration in the history of concert posters/music subcultures.

Virginia is where I call home and enjoy jetting to the Chesapeake Bay when it’s sunny or seeing the latest band or exhibit at a local spot. I volunteer when possible with local non-profits and am a proud founder of the arts non-profit YEAH! in Nashville, TN.

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Beliefs are thoughts we think over and over. If you can change your thoughts, you can change your life. I teach you how to change at a deeper level using the basics of positive psychology, language examination, and examining thought patterns. Don’t worry, I’m here for the ride and all coaching is in a confidential, judgement-free zone. The next two areas of focus work together with this first area to create an effective circuit of mind, body, & creative spirit.

Get Clarity

These 3 Areas are the Foundation of my Coaching:


Results are the consequence, effect, or outcome of something. When we work together we get super clear about the results you want. We are then able to adjust or transform beliefs and behaviors. These 3 areas make up the foundation for lasting lasting change. Tracking your Heart Rate Variability will be the main biometric for understanding your nervous system and personal energy. Flow and deep focus will be a pattern we integrate into your lifestyle design.


Behaviors can be subconscious and conscious. When we find the root causes of a behavior, we can then change the behavior, the environment, or the belief creating them. I give you realistic tools and methods to enhance or lessen behaviors, based on your desired result. Routines are the foundation of how we will work to change behaviors. Organization is how we’ll bring harmony to your life and help maintain behaviors that support you in preventing burnout.

Mind, body, creative spirit

After years of working with creative people…

I’ve found these 3 focus areas of Beliefs, Behaviors & Results, compliment each other to create lasting change. More recent research shows that the body and mind cannot be separated. For this reason, I incorporate Heart Rate Variability as the most important biometric aside from sleep, into my coaching with creatives.

As a student of FLOW, also known as “deep focus,” I believe science helps us understand how physiology (body) can affect psychology (mind) In my work with the Flow Research Collective, I’ve specifically researched how Heart Rate Variability plays into creative activities such a singing & listening to music. I currently work with Neuroscientist, Dr. Michael Mannino within the Flow Research Collective framework to explore the depths of vagus nerve function (HRV) in relation to music, the voice, and movement. This research is cutting edge and I’m delighted to bring Flow science into my work as a coach.

Experiences that lead me to work with
Creatives & High Performers


Masters Research on Music Subcultures


Research on Gigposters

Gigposters, the Music Scene and American Cultural Stereotypes

Gigposters, the Music Scene and American Cultural Stereotypes




No Worries

You don’t have to worry being put into a boring cookie-cutter coaching program. A creative lifestyle can be organized and disciplined, without feeling trapped or stiff. I will teach you how to create flexible consistency as you work toward your greatest creative goals. More importantly, as you become your best self.

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The tools you'll add to your toolbox are meant to empower you.

The work we do together can be taken with you wherever & however you grow.

I'm training you for the soundtrack that is life, not the one hit single.

Design Your Life with great meaning

Lasting change happens first by finding clarity and then acting consistently.

You’ll be implementing practices such as:

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Flow is a lifestyle, not just one state.

Be the Jack to my Meg White, Garth to my Wayne, or cream to my coaching coffee and learn more about how I can help you as a creative lifestyle coach.

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Fellow creatives, to learn tips on how to get organized, maintain deep focus, and how to form new habits and positive beliefs, click below!