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Hi I'm Anna

Hi, my name is Anna, Queen Bee of the Heartbeat Hive
I work with motivated creative spirits who are ready to upgrade their life to reach their goals.

Do you have a passion but feel you hit a wall with progress? It's time invest in yourself and your future.

As your life coach I have the tools and knowledge that I've found works best for creative people. I've spent the last 20 yrs developing systems to stay organized, while remaining true to my sometimes messy, creative life. As a musican and artist myself, I understand the challenges you face in balancing talent and responsibility. It's all about you and what you want to do. I'm here to guide and support you in creating changes that will lead you to your goals & dreams!

My group coaching programs provide a starting point if you are new to coaching, while gaining insight with a group of like-minded creatives. My premium coaching services offer my full attention and expertise in a one-on-one channel.

More About Me

Hive Members Share the Love Buzz

  • I honestly couldn't ask for a better coach to do this kind of work with. I appreciate that during our sessions you are cool, calm, and collected. When I tell you about a setback or challenge I appreciate that you don't lash out at me but rather find a way to encourage me to see what I've done right and how I can keep moving forward. I appreciate that you explain things very clearly both with the words you choose and with your voice/pace. I appreciate that you know your stuff, it is clear that you that you have spent a long time doing these processes and learning this material. I find you credible because you don't just have the intellectual knowledge of the concepts you are teaching, you have also done the work and continue to do the work so you have the experiential knowledge as well.

    Clementyne Writer, Musician
  • Before I began my sessions with Anna, I knew I wanted some type of change in my life but I wasn't clear on how that change really looked. My clarity deepened significantly and I began understanding more of what I really dream for after I began the sessions. I was able to recognize and confront ways of thinking/blockages I've experienced all my adult life and discover better, purer ways of thinking which are already altering my beliefs, and consequently my behavior. I have experienced a lot of "stuckness" in the past. Understanding the beliefs that paralyzed me in my relationships, career goals and even personal interests have helped me dislodge and move forward one step at a time. In order to make concrete changes in life you need to align your self beliefs with your goals! While I perhaps knew this cognitively, the different techniques and affirmations I have worked through with Anna have put that philosophy into life altering motion. I know that I was ready for change when I began consulting with Anna, and that was the first (and only) step I initially made on my own. Since then I have experienced such fundamental shifts in my thought processes that some days I feel like a different person than I was even 6 months ago. I have begun making small changes in my life that are tangible, concrete, and I wouldn't have dreamed of making at one time.

    Rachel Writer, Counselor

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