Creative Coaching with the power of Flow science.

Learn to create without burnout & design a life you love with private flow coaching.

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I'm Anna

A lifestyle designer and coach for creative people like you!

With the efficiency of a honeybee, I help artists and creative entrepreneurs design their lives for optimal performance and harmony.

I do this by teaching you how to get into a deep embodied focus, known as FLOW and by assisting you in designing your ideal schedule for optimal work times, environment, and processes. 

Your body is a big part of the equation of long term growth and quality output. That’s why I teach you how to track your nervous system through Heart Rate Variability and developing good Sleep Hygiene. This work is missing in the creative world…and I’M HERE TO BRIDGE THIS GAP for creatives all over the world.

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You’ll learn to work smart & play often to allow space for creativity and productivity. Together we unlock the sweetness of your true potential by:
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Your creative toolbox

Hear what videographer Dan says about his coaching experience.

“As an artist, I was tired of not seeing information out there that addressed my personal energy & creative FLOW in a way that made sense. So I developed my own Energy Management system that teaches you how to manage your nervous system & lifestyle that is unique to each person.”



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Rachel took big steps toward her goals...

I know that I was ready for change when I began consulting with Anna, and that was the first (and only) step I initially made on my own. Since then I have experienced such fundamental shifts in my thought processes that some days I feel like a different person than I was even 6 months ago.

Rachel, Writer & Counselor

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Flow is a lifestyle, not just one state.

Be the Jack to my Meg White, Garth to my Wayne, or cream to my coaching coffee. Book a FREE 20-minute consultation to explore if you make a good fit.

Not ready to hire a coach yet? Learn Flow for free on my YouTube channel!

Fellow creatives, to learn tips on how to get organized, maintain deep focus, and how to form new habits and positive beliefs, click below!