Why I am a Law of Attraction Coach

I remember the first time I listened to Abraham Hicks about the Law of Attraction. It was 2010. I was in grad school. I’d had a very expansive 2 years previously and was about to embark on a new journey by downsizing from an 850 sq ft apartment to a 202 sq ft vintage Airstream. I had been living alone for the first time in a while (I’ve had 24 roommates in my adult life!) and I had plenty of time to listen to and read about various forms of healing, sound frequencies, religions, and aspects of spirituality. I’ve always been attracted to sound, music, and able to hear things in people’s voices that they were not articulating in other ways. So when Abraham explained that vibration is the basis for co-creation, I knew I had found something that could work with me. I knew I would be open to the words and ideas presented a little more than I had before. I was ready. I tried to consciously note when I was closed and when I was not. I grew up with a very Catholic mother and father who bordered on Native American spirituality, but he didn’t talk about God or any religion really at all. Meanwhile I was guided in my formative years to practice Catholicism and even chose the Patron Saint of Heavenly Music during confirmation because I just had to get behind a woman with an instrument playing for universal peace :)! I knew Catholicism was not for me and I respected the practice and my mother, by showing up and being present, but in my adult life I look back and see that it was too structured for a spirit like mine. I like structure in some ways, but labels have been the detriment of many religions- vs. the practicing of faith in goodness and acts of kindness that many religions are based upon. I honor and respect faith, but I am sad to see acts of hate, intolerance, or even war because of religion. I believe many have similar feelings about this.To be totally honest, I was a little worried about the delivery method of this information from Abraham Hicks. I was thinking… “So, it’s Spirit talking through a woman? Okay. Let’s see how it goes. I’m open. This is not a cult, this is not a religion, it is way of thought.”  But, thoughts become beliefs right? Am I ready? Yes, I am. Let’s get into it.

So, I started listening to every recording I could find. I closed my eyes for most of the recordings because I wanted to focus in on the words and really listen. Before turning on a recording I asked Spirit to make the parts that I personally need to hear to come forward and be very clear to me, so that I can apply these ideas to my own life. One by one the messages were clear. Some did not resonate with me because I had practiced and learned those ideas. Some did not apply because it was not where I was on my journey. These parts breezed by. And boy did some of the ideas really hurt 🙁 I knew they were in a growing pains kind of way.

So, what’s the big deal with The Law of Attraction? Well, in a matter of consciousness, it is an old idea, but is now becoming more prevalent among popular culture and specific media channels. Much like the ideas that get recycled every so often in the media, even fashion trends. I’m not comparing religion to a trend or fashion, ok?…Hear me loud and clear about that! I’m talking about consciousness and how it affects our beliefs, actions, and even habits everyday. Many ideas have different labels, sometimes the labels are in a new package or delivery method. That is why it is important to see how things resonate or “sit” with you. After that, you can decide how it applies to your life or how it may or may not affect your beliefs or spirituality. For me, I decided to open up to Abraham and the messages presented. I’m not worried about being influenced wrongly, because I have a very strong guidance system already. The Law of Attraction is NOT about religion or changing your beliefs about God, Spirit, Goddess, or your preference of having or not having a spiritual practice. This one law, (of many), is about you learning how to obtain your highest state and being conscious about changes, habits, and any resistance you face that opposes your ultimate state of happiness.

Please know that some people are worried, because it may introduce change and sometimes change can be what we think is scary or uncomfortable. I’m fortunate to have spent many years alone as a child and as an adult to where I learned the very core of my being at an early age. I am not easily influenced to areas that do not “sit” with me at my core level. I can listen, mull over, and contemplate many theories, philosophies, ideas, discussions, even debates, with the certainty that I may want to change my thoughts or I may not receive anything that works for me in order to change- in different parts of my life. My family has a phrase that is helpful when we communicate with each other. If and when someone is not actively listening or doesn’t realize they are closed we say, “Please get in receive mode.” With this phrase our ears perk up. We listen and receive. This phrase is an indicator to let the other person speak, complete their thought without interruption, and to hear without judgement. The mutual promise each time this phrase is spoken, is that we both stick to those agreements in communication. Tell ya what….it’s golden. It puts the ego in check many times and we walk away with less emotion attached to our words. Sometimes arguments are avoided because during “receive mode” the intention is clarity between both parties. It’s like feedback. At a concert, the feedback is not a judgement, it’s simply telling the sound engineer- “Hey, these microphones are not far enough apart for this concert to happen and the audience to hear the show.” You see, the feedback lets the engineer know that there is something interfering with the reception! Aha! So, you can see how important it is to receive first, then contemplate, then provide feedback. The hardest part about receive mode is that we are human and our ego is in essence our personality that helps others recognize (at first) if they may be on the same wavelength as we are, or even if they have a wavelength that harmonizes with ours. Though different, we can still harmonize at times. When neither happens, it is very clear that we need to figure out why our wave isn’t working with someone else’s or simply find a new environment where our waves flow freely without interference.  Notice how it’s personality that I reference. Not “culture” or “race” or “religion.” While all these things add to who we are, they do not have to determine our present or future, nor how we treat others. The definition of personality is: “the combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual’s distinctive character.”

So…. how is personality different from the ego? And…how is the ego different from our autonomic body reactions? …………….. Yes, I know it can be confusing. It can take years to recognize the differences, the nuances of how we navigate situations, other people, our own baggage, etc. Don’t go into despair or feeling defeated by the possibility of cloudiness with ALL of this. Just take it one day at a time, one hour at a time, one moment at a time. When it comes to emotions, there is never going to be an easy or short answer.  We are human, we make mistakes, we get attached to emotions and easily attach emotions to words (both spoken and received.) There will only be how you can best work with what you have, right now. From there, it will take perspective. From perspective you’ll find experience. From experience will come contrast . Contrast will help to guide you toward what you really want and what you just tolerate. I don’t know about you, but “just tolerating” something sounds awfuly dead. Would you just “tolerate” a mate? Would you just “tolerate” your favorite icecream? Would you just “tolerate” your adorable little fur baby? Not I and when I have….it didn’t go so well, especially long term! So why do we just “tolerate” : being stuck, staying with our kind-of-okayest boyfriend/girlfriend, our super annoying friend who seems to continue to complain/gossip and makes no action to change course? Why do we tolerate feeling a certain way even? Or putting ourselves in situations that repeatedly affect us in negative ways?

Change your frequency (thoughts/vibration) and you are able to better navigate, expand, grow, and experience clarity. So, what the heck does this have to do with the Law of Attraction!!! Everything. The Law of Attraction is based upon vibration. How you vibrate is how you attract. Good, bad, ugly, “just tolerable,” all of it is attracted by vibration. YOUR vibration.  And that is why I became a Law of Attraction coach. I want to vibrate in ways that attract what I want to create. Part of my creation is a skill set, gift, and ability to coach others on how to create what they want, through vibration. When I help others, I vibrate at a very high frequency. It tunes my whole body to what feels like being closer to Spirit. Resonating with all that is good in the universe is a wonderful and feeling is indescribable at times. (And no, I’m not high or on any substance!) So in my journey…I take actions that make me feel the same closeness to Spirit and my ideal creations. I identify and welcome thoughts that elevate me toward what I want to create. You can do this too. Go to this page if you would like to have a discovery session or are ready to begin coaching with me. If you are curious about the Law of Attraction this video is a basic intro from Actualized.org.

We can create a vibrant life of inspiration, love, and purpose. It begins with you.

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