In this 6 Week Group Coaching Program
you will be focusing on your own journey
while receiving the benefit of listening to the challenges of others
during their journey, in a confidential setting.

What we strive for in the program:
Balance, co-creation with the Universe, a strong positive mindset in all situations, & practicing patience.

During the live sessions:
You will receive on-the-spot coaching from me, if you are comfortable sharing your journey & challenges with the group. (You can read about me here.)

Hive members are:
Creative people looking to better themselves, whether through forming positive habits, changing limiting beliefs, or simply being inspired to move onward and upward by being part of a group of like-minded, motivated people.

Together we create a resonant field of support that will inspire and spark us to take action toward our dreams, goals, and greatest desires. We can inspire each other to create, expand, and learn to become your best self. 


Features of the Program:

– Coaching sessions are held via online meeting. (Skype, UberConference,
All member identities are kept confidential.
Special group membership page where members can post to focus/share about growing and
expanding together.
– Email support and a special promo code, should you decide to continue to another program or
one-on-one coaching, with Anna and the Hive.
– Worksheets for each week’s class & small homework assignments to implement your growth
strategies between each live group session.

We will cover:

– The basics of the Law of Attraction, the Law of Allowing, and the Law of Deliberate Creation.
– We will explore the tools that each Hive member can use in everyday life to keep their mindset
positive, creative shifts, and assess areas that need priority focus in your life.
– We will work with affirmations and other resources such as vocal toning for chakra alignment.
– We will explore your future vision and how to work with what is called a Light Body to begin
working with your Light Body.
– I will provide 2 guided meditations live with the group, that are in depth, some ~20 mins long.
Sessions will be recorded, in case someone is unable to make the live session. Each member will receive a replay recording…but live participation is most encouraged!


Frequently Asked Questions:
  So…How much is this 6 week Group Coaching Program for Creatives? –
A:  $111 for 6 weeks.

* This offer will be available for a limited time…but as a founding member of the Heartbeat Hive,
you will be offered this rate for as many 6 week group coaching programs you would like to be
part of, for 1 year from your first program enrollment. Founding member status expires on Feb 22,
2018. So, if you enroll by Feb 22, 2018, you can still attend as many 6 week group coaching
programs at the same rate until Feb 22, 2019.

Q: Why are the sessions via Webinar/Skpe or an online meeting app?
A: I have found that the more diverse the group, the better the opportunity for growth together.
Providing this group coaching program via Live online sessions, allows people from all over the
word to attend and gain insight into their personal expansion. Creative people like to be with
other creative people, while everyone in the program may not be a musician or artist….they may
be a writer, fashion designer, photographer, tour manager, or creative entrepreneur.

Q: Do I have to show my face at any of these sessions or use my last name?
A: You never have to show your face on camera during these sessions, that is totally up to you.
You never have to use you last name and the identity of each Hive member is up to them, as to
how much they want to share. If we are on a Facebook page, then your info may be visible. Keep
in mind each Hive member will sign an agreement for participating in the program that includes
respecting the privacy and vulnerability of each member.