Hi, I’m Anna

I’m a music-lover, artist, cellist, songwriter, and creative life coach. I love to help others on their journey of self-empowerment for a positive, balanced, and productive life. My experience spans from music industry roles to entertainment, art education, radio, non-profit management, and volunteer management. I received a degree in Art Education and a Master’s in Radio/TV/ Film with a concentration in the history of concert posters and music subcultures. I live in Norfolk, VA and enjoy jetting to the beach when it’s warm or seeing the latest show or exhibit at the local gallery/venue. She volunteers when possible with local non-profits and is a founder of the arts non-profit YEAH! in Nashville, TN.

Life Coaching:

Law of Attraction Life Coaching
Group – Coaching webinars & workshops
1 on 1 – Coaching sessions & programs
Webinars for raising your vibration
Blogs with personal perspective on living a Heart-centered, Creative Life
Inspiring interviews or playlists.

INTERESTED? Send your info and I will get in touch with you for a FREE discovery session.

 work with Anna:

* You want to create positive change in your life and have tried doing so by yourself- but haven’t gotten the desired results because you don’t know how to change your thoughts or habits.

* You are an artist, musician, or creative entrepreneur, and have tried finding a coach- but can’t seem to find someone who understands what you’re juggling or what you face as an artist.

* You are ready to invest in yourself  and commit to improving your life. You know having someone to guide you help with this goal will get you there sooner.

* You’ve maybe read about the Law of Attraction, and are interested, but don’t know where to start or how it works with the other universal laws, your personal beliefs, tools, or systems.

Anna has experience in creative fields such as: music publishing, vinyl record production, at a comedy club, in nonprofit management, art education, and managed anywhere from a few people to 4000 people. She understands how to help you reach your goals and do so in a healthy way. She has volunteered with numerous organizations and believes in living with purpose.

The Heartbeat Hive is a business that donates to non-profits such as:


What does she plan to offer in the future:

Digital Products:
Free Guides for download – E-Books – E-Courses (self-guided) – Audio downloads (Meditations)

Physical Products:
Really awesome uplifting natural oil blends- Items for meditation – Items for journaling

Premium Membership to the “Hive”:

Including exclusive videos and coaching for members, along with special retreat trips all planned out and ready for you to pack a bag and attend. Our community is gonna be so rad! This club is called the #RoyalJellyClub.




– Life Coaching for Veterans (with PTSD or TBI):


I come from a military family and have volunteered for several Veteran’s organizations. I plan to offer group coaching and meditation workshops for Veterans with PTSD or Traumatic Brain Injury- at no cost to the Veteran.




What are Her Best Skills & Qualities:

*Active Listener, super organized & flexible
*Ability to sense micro changes in emotional state, vocal inflection, and vibration.
*Empathy and compassion, while maintaining accountability and holding the highest vision for coaching clients.
*Eclectic taste in music, art, and subcultures. (She can recommend some cool things to check out and explore!)
*Loves seeing others excel, improve, and come into their power as creative beings.
*Lives and breathes the arts and a creative life.